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Wordpress REST API

It is essential to secure access to the WordPress REST API so that only authorized users can use it. Without appropriate restrictions in place, intruders could exploit the API to gain access to sensitive information and cause serious damage. Whether they are building malicious applications or trying to hack through the site's security protocols, unauthorized users with access to the WordPress API pose a serious threat.

Wordpress Plugins

The security of your WordPress website starts with knowing what active plugins you have installed. Why? Because one of the first things intruders do is find out what plugins are visible on your site. They can then start looking for known vulnerabilities in order to gain unauthorized access. WP Sweep helps you quickly identify all visible plugins so that you can plan your security and maintenance accordingly.

Wordpress Updates

One important aspect of maintaining your WordPress website is keeping your WordPress core up-to-date with the latest version. By doing so, you can benefit from the latest security and performance patches, as well as any other new features that have been added to WordPress. It's also crucial to ensure that any WordPress plugins you are using are compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Simply enter your URL above to get started!
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